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Office of Local Government Pledge for HHAR's
Community Feline Desex Program -


We are thrilled to announce that Helping Hearts Animal Rescue has been a recipient of the Companion Animal Welfare and Rehoming grant from the Office of Local Government to the value of $100,000.00!

Times are tough, we understand this. The cost of living is at an all-time high, rental properties that allow animals are few and far between, and rescue organisations are at capacity / burn out point with the amount of animals needing to be surrendered or rehomed. So, our pledge to this funding is to use every cent to help our local community and desex as many owned cats as possible.

To repeat- this is for owned cats only- feral/colony cats will not be accepted within this program.

By launching this initiative, we believe it will reduce the volume of cats and kittens that are either dumped, left in pounds and shelters, relieve pressure on rescue organisations, and end the breeding cycle for more than 700 cats. This in turn will save the lives of hundreds of thousands of future cats facing the same bleak outlook on life.

To register your cat for our free desexing program you will need to provide valid photo ID and your cats microchip number. Both ID and microchip must match to ensure you are the legal owner of the cat and can consent to their surgery.

To enquire email us at with the subject ‘Desexing OLG’.

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Last Litter Program - 
What is a last litter program you ask? We will organise for your pregnant cat or dog to be desexed with no cost to you when you surrendered the litter into our care.

Not only is desexing great for eliminated the risk of any future unexpected litters, but helps for overall health, such as reducing cancer risks!

If you, or someone you know, has ended up in a pickle with an unexpected litter, just shoot the team a message!
Let's work towards stopping the cycle together.
*Local Participants only. 

Community Desexing Program - 

Funded by SavourLife, when available, we provide free desexing to the dogs of our local community through the support of our participating vets.
To apply, keep an eye on our social media accounts for when this program is running.
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