Last Litter Program - 
What is a last litter program you ask? We will organise for your pregnant cat or dog to be desexed with no cost to you when you surrendered the litter into our care.

Not only is desexing great for eliminated the risk of any future unexpected litters, but helps for overall health, such as reducing cancer risks!

If you, or someone you know, has ended up in a pickle with an unexpected litter, just shoot the team a message!
Let's work towards stopping the cycle together.
*Local Participants only. 

Community Desexing Program - 

Funded by SavourLife, when available, we provide free desexing to the dogs of our local community through the support of our participating vets.
To apply, keep an eye on our social media accounts for when this program is running.
Enrichment Programs- 

HHAR is committed to engaging in our local community by providing enrichment programs to various groups like OOSH, Retirement Home Companionship and Educational days where our team engages in fun craft time and talks about responsible pet ownership, pet health and even brings along a animal or two for social interaction
Assisted Rehome - 
Assisted Rehoming works differently to surrendering an animal. 
To be eligible for our Assisted Rehome Program your pet must be desexed, microchipped and have up to date vaccinations. Evidence of these are required. 

Once approved, you will be required to create a bio/profile for the pet and along with photos that we will use on our social media and advertising platforms to promote the animal while it remains living with you. 
The pet receives the best chance of finding its new family with this type of exposure.

We follow the same strict policy for Assisted Rehoming as we use for our Adoptions. We filter through the applications that we feel may be suitable for the pet for you to review; after all, no one knows the animal best but you! You make contact with the potential family to discuss the animal and any further questions you or they may have and following this call, if you would like to proceed to a meet and greet with the family we will do our best to ensure a member of management is with you (in person or on video call) to be able to offer support.
We pride ourselves on ensuring there is constant open communication and that you have assistance during the process from start to finish.


There is no timeframe known for this process so you need to be able to house and care for the pet until we find a suitable home. 

We do not charge a fee to you for this help, however the rescue fee that comes from the Assisted Rehome will come to HHAR. 

Volunteer Programs - 

Coming Soon
Microchipping Days - 

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