I have been a foster carer for most of my adult life, only a few months ago I join the HHAR rescue group and what an amazing experience it as been so far! I find the management team very helpful and friendly, they always on top of the care the animals should receive. Always straight forward and nothing hidden. When you foster you become a member of a carer group chat when everyone can post something and God knows I got a few good laughs out of that bunch 😂 If you are thinking of becoming a foster carer and don't know how and where I would suggest that you start with HHAR! You will live a true human experience with the support you need with beautiful souls all round!I'd rate it 5 star on trip advisor 😂
- Camille H.
Dog Walker at the Park
A girl and her dog
When I joined Helping Hearts Animal Rescue, I think it was one of the best decisions I've made. The team is amazing, they are here no matter what; animal related or not. They do an incredible job and I’m so happy to be a part of HHAR.
I've cared for kittens, puppies and dogs. Kittens were a challenge for me as I have never had them before. The puppies and dogs I fostered during lockdown helped me through it and made the best companions during a tough time. Both have been a great experience and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.
Animal rescues are such amazing groups, its hard sometimes, letting your babies go that you’ve cared for, but you’ve picked the best home possible for them and that's what makes it worth it.
HHAR will provide full support, understanding and resources. Im so grateful to have come across them and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
- Taylah T
Feeding Newborn Kitten