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We adopted Max (the most amazing 2.5 year old Labradoodle) at the end of July 2021. We could not fault the adoption process with HHAR at all. The girls were so easy to deal with, were completely upfront about the process and communicated with us the whole way through. HHAR are really thorough in the adoption process which ensures the best outcomes are met for all involved, especially for the animal. They followed up throughout the trial period to make sure all was going well and to cover off any concerns we had. Would not hesitate to recommend HHAR to anyone looking at adopting a pet.
- Genevieve & Michael

Assisted Rehome -
Back in April I took in a young cat with full intention of finding her forever home, and I promised her exactly that! It became evident I was not going to be able to do this on my own, and with some helping hands and hearts along the way, I was pointed in the direction of Dani at HHAR.. This was an absolute blessing to not only myself but the beautiful little girl that was depending on me..

Dani originally had a phone call with me, ran over all of my options and went over our next steps.. Not one part of this process was rushed or pushed by HHAR, no matter what my reasons were I felt supported and no matter how long it took me to do certain things, never was I made to feel like it was an inconvenience to them.. Nothing was too much and it all fell into place.. HHAR ensured that I made it clear what was needed for her forever home and helped to ensure that’s exactly what we got!
This week, after 3 months and 3 days of my little buddy living with me, her new family came to do a Meet & Greet, and it was automatically the perfect fit.. My heart knew it was the right decision to send her to her new home then and there, but it didn’t make it hurt any less.. This is where the genuine care and support provided by HHAR and more specifically in that moment, Michaela, could not be faulted.. Not only did Michaela arrive before the new family, sit and chat, add comfort and support and make sure she broke down the ENTIRE process before it all happened, but she was a point of calmness and clarity when my mind and heart was everywhere..
Whilst I do not intend to take an animal in any time soon that needs to find its next home, being told that this was HHAR’s first “Assisted Rehoming”, I could not fault any of the process.. Nothing was too much for the team, they always kept all options open but allowed me to stay in control and they definitely made sure my little one went to the most amazing home she could have! The entire process whilst heart breaking was not at any stage stressful or overwhelming..
And having the team check in on how I’ve been doing (because there was A LOT of tears) has just been an added bonus to the love and care these guys provide, so if you’re needing to re-home a fur baby, don’t give up on them, get these guys to help!


We feel very fortunate that we made contact with HHAR when we decided that we were ready to open our hearts and home to adopting two kittens - two years after the passing of our beloved 14 year old cat.

From the time we made an initial inquiry we could sense that HHAR's philosophy and support network would ensure the best outcome for all parties.

What can we say about Kirby - she and her family are very special - they devote so much time and attention to the cats in their care and take the time and make the sometimes difficult decisions about what is the best outcome for the cats. Kirby gave us the chance to meet three siblings - two boys and a girl - and let us witness how one of the boys and the girl had really bonded (the other boy was quite independent) and so we made the best decision for all of us by adopting the bonded pair.

Rico and Roma are already members of our family. We would recommend HHAR to anyone who is thinking of adopting.


 -The Nolan Family

10 October 2021


How can you love someone so much in just a couple of days.
We welcomed Harper (Brioche) & Haven (Helga) to our family on Sunday 16 January.
They were so shy to meet us but as soon as the dust settled they continued to explore
their new furever home with confidence and comfort. We had never heard of HHAR
until a friend of mine recommended we adopt a cat. She believed it was the best thing
she had ever done and we totally agree .
So as a family we started searching for our furbaby and stumbled across
Harper (Brioche). We were so in love with her adorable fluffy face and sweet innocent
eyes we couldn’t scroll past her. I actually saved her on my desktop because I fell in love
with her instantly. I know it’s weird right how can you love someone you’ve never met but
we did. It was an unanimous decision for Harper (Brioche) so we applied for her in hope we may be the family she was searching for.
We all got excited when we continued to receive emails. Each email required additional
information and even though it was confronting at times we knew it was for the safety and
welfare of HHAR animals. Zoe was so wonderful and understood my concerns which gave me the comfort to release private and confidential information of my family and our home.
When we first applied we only applied for Harper (Brioche). After having a conversation
with Zoe she informed me that both Harper (Brioche) and Haven (Helga) were inseparable.
From a family of six we too are inseparable and I immediately understood how Harper (Brioche) would feel to be separated from her sister so I contacted my husband who agreed
instantly to take them both.
We would like to take this time to thank Zoe for choosing us. Our hearts are complete
and our home is full of so much love. Listening to my boys fuss over our furbabies making
sure they have everything they need makes my heart sing . Zoe was so honest, warm and friendly. She made our adoption an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Thank you HHAR & Zoe from the bottom of our hearts for choosing us.
Paula Sausaofai
January 2022

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